Company Profile
Company Profile
The customer's company as own company,The customer's things are our own things.Use own knowledge and experience to advise and improve the customer's project.To stand on the customer's point of view thinking,let the customer achieve benefit.

Tings drinking water equipment co.,Ltd.,

as advanced machinery manufacturer in China, it is specializing in beverage and bottle water production line. It provides perfect project for whole set of beverage production equipments from water purifying, beverage filling to bottle packing. The company devoted to technology research and development. The R&D term has 50 skilled technicians. Through the concerted efforts, we institute and innovate a number of leading technology and equipment series, including PET bottle blow molding machine, 3/5 gallons bottled water filling production line, completed water bottling line, composite beverage bottling line, 3-10L water bottling equipment, sachet/cup/pouch liquid filling & packing line and other related devices.

Our products not only have a good reputation at domestic but also all over the world, such as the US, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South American. Meanwhile, we offered great after-sales services, installation, debugging and technical training to all our clients.

Customer First

1. We live to serve our customer

  • Respect for others.Maintain company image anytime and anywhere Smile in the face of complaints and grievances,actively at work for the customer to solve the problem.In the process of communication with customers,if not owm responsibility,also don't shuffle Standing in customer's position thinking, on the basis of the principle, finally meet customer and company are satisfied.Advanced service awareness,nip in the bud.

2. Team cooperation ordinary people do ordinary things

  • Actively integrated into the team, willing to accept colleagues help,cooperate with team to complete the work Before the decision, Actively expres constructive opinions, Fully participate in team discussions, After decision,Whether or not has objection, Must be fully supported from the words and deeds Active share the business knowledge and experience : Take the initiative to help colleagues; Be good at using the power of the team to solve problems and difficulties At cooperation with different types of colleagues,do not bring personal preferences into work, Fully embody "for things not people" principle Positive impact on team. improve team morale and atmosphere.

3. Embrace change breakthrough self,embrace change and innovation

  • To adapt to changes in day-to-day , don't complain. In the face of change, rational treatment adequate communication,sincere cooperation. Difficulties and setbacks in change, Self adjustment,and the positive impact and drive colleagues. In the work have the consciousness of foresight,to establish new methods,new ideas. To create change,and bring achievements to improve performance.

4. 4 honesty integrity and keep commitent

  • match words with deeds.not affected by interests and pressure Through the right channels and process.accurately express their views ; can give corresponding advice when express criticism. Don't spread unconfirmed news,Not talking about people and things behind their backs irresponsible.And positive guidance.Admit mistakes,dare to take responsibility,Objectively reflect the problems, The act of damaging the interests of the company is strictly prohibited.Able to consistently implement the above standards.

5. Passion optimistic and never give up

  • Like own work,agree with king machine enterprise culture.With a positive and optimistic attitude in the face of daily work self-motivation , efforts to improve performance Encounter difficulties and setbacks we never give up continue to seek a breakthrough,and success Continually set higher goals,the best performance today is tomorrow's minimum.

6. Dedicated with professional attitude and normal mentality todo extraordinary things

  • Professional dedication excellence.Time to work only to do the work related things, There is no duplication of errors caused by negligence of duty.Never put off till tomorrow what you can dotoday, Follow the necessary working process.Continuous learning, self-improvement,do things fully reflect result-oriented .According to the order of priority to the right to orioritize,do the right thing. Change numerous for brief,get larger work with small investment.

7. Gratitude thanks to tee company,thanks to colleagues,thanks to friendsa

  • day as a teacher, a life as a father,Thank you to your leadership and colleagues for their guide.Thanks the company for providing a platform for you.To provide you with the opportunity to grow.

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